No-Fault Insurance​​Benefits 

No-Fault Massage in New York State (Automobile Accidents)

Massage Therapy can help you to heal from soft-tissue injuries directly resulting from a car accident. At The Massage Approach, we accept No-Fault insurance. If you experience any pain due to an automobile accident, you should seek immediate medical care.  You do not need to go to the emergency room to receive treatment.  Automobile accidents, regardless of speed, can significantly impact your body, including your muscles and connective tissue. Therapeutic Massage, can be especially beneficial in healing these injuries, reducing inflammation and alleviating pain.  In the state of New York State, if you are involved in an automobile accident, regardless of who is at fault, you are entitled to receive medical care for your injuries.  The medical expenses for your care are covered by the insurance carrier of the vehicle you were in at the time of the accident.  Insurance companies will pay for up to 3 45 minute treatments per week, that focus solely on the injuries from the car accident.

The first step to starting your massage therapy sessions is to attain a prescription for massage therapy from your doctor. Once you have this prescription call us at 631-864-2784 to set up your first appointment. Prior to your first appointment we will call your insurance carrier to verify there is an open claim, so please have the following information ready for us;
    -Your name and address
    -Date of birth and date of car accident
    -Claim # and policy #

    -Policy Holders name and address
    -Contact information of the insurance company
    -Original copy of the massage prescription
Please note that we require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Insurance companies will not pay for missed appointments, so you will be charged if less notice is given.

                                                        Benefits Of Massage Therapy

 Therapeutic massage is wonderful at enhancing and increasing a number of beneficial processes and functions    within the human body.
 Massage enhances ones state of well being
 Massage enhances soft tissue healing
 Massage increases flexibility & range of motion
 Massage increases muscle tone
 Massage increases blood flow
 Massage increases dopamine & serotonin levels
 Massage increases and improves lymphatic fluid flow & drainage
 Massage induces relaxation
 Massage stimulates the immune system

 Similarly, therapeutic massage is extremely effective at reducing and often eliminating a number 
of    uncomfortable and restrictive symptoms and conditions. 
 Massage reduces constipation
 Massage reduces cortisol levels
 Massage reduces depression
 Massage reduces emotional stress
 Massage reduces joint stiffness
 Massage reduces muscular tension
 Massage reduces pain
 Massage reduces scar tissue formation
 Massage reduces soft tissue knots and trigger points.